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At Cobb Dental Associates in Marietta, GA, we’re always looking for ways to improve the dental care experience for our patients. That’s why we’re proud to offer Laser Cavity Detection with Diagnodent – a state-of-the-art tool that helps us detect cavities in their earliest stages, when they’re easiest to treat.

Diagnodent: What Is It?

Diagnodent is a laser cavity detection system that uses a small, pen-like device to scan your teeth for signs of decay. When the device is pointed at a tooth, it emits a low-power laser beam that is absorbed by the tooth’s surface. The device then measures the amount of laser energy that is reflected back and uses this information to determine whether there is a cavity present. One of the key benefits of Diagnodent is that it can detect cavities in their earliest stages, when they’re still small and relatively easy to treat. Traditional methods of cavity detection, such as visual inspection and X-rays, are often not sensitive enough to detect cavities until they’re more advanced and require more extensive treatment.

How Does It Work?

Using Diagnodent is quick and painless. Our dentists will simply hold the device against each of your teeth, one by one, to scan for cavities. If a cavity is detected, the device will emit a high-pitched beep and display a numerical value indicating the severity of the decay.
Based on the results of the scan, our dentists will recommend the appropriate course of treatment. In some cases, a simple filling may be sufficient to repair the cavity. In more advanced cases, a crown or root canal may be necessary.

Why Is It Important?

Cavities are caused by bacteria that produce acid that eats away at your tooth enamel. If left untreated, cavities can lead to more serious dental problems, such as tooth loss and infection. By detecting cavities in their earliest stages, Diagnodent helps us catch and treat them before they become more serious problems.
In addition to being more effective at detecting cavities, Diagnodent is also more comfortable for our patients. Unlike traditional methods of cavity detection, which often involve poking and prodding the teeth, Diagnodent is completely painless and requires no contact with the teeth.


Laser Cavity Detection

Dentist Marietta

If you’re interested in Laser Cavity Detection with Diagnodent at Cobb Dental Associates in Marietta, GA, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule an appointment. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get the care you need.