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Regular preventive care saves you time and money, and prevents common oral health problems like gum disease and cavities. At Cobb Dental Associates, we offer the preventive care you need for a healthy mouth. Get in touch today, and schedule your next six-month checkup in Marietta, GA today!

The Importance of Routine Preventive Care in Marietta, GA

Why should you see the dentist for a checkup every six months? Routine preventive care is important for a lot of reasons. First, it lets your dentist keep an eye on your oral health, and identify potential problems before they become serious. It’s always better to avoid dental health issues or catch them early.

In turn, this saves you time and money. Preventive care reduces your risk of common dental problems like gum disease and cavities. That means you can avoid potentially expensive and invasive treatments like fillings, root canals, or deep cleanings for gum disease.

Halt and Prevent Tooth Decay

Fluoride Treatments

If you’re cavity-prone, fluoride treatments at Cobb Dental Associates in Marietta may be just what you need. In this treatment, Dr. Danny Nguyen will paint a fluoride-rich liquid onto your teeth. He will leave it in place for a few minutes, then rinse it away.

The high levels of fluoride in this liquid help attract minerals to your teeth. This strengthens them and helps prevent cavities. In some cases, fluoride treatments can even help reverse “soft spots,” the first stage of tooth decay. They’re commonly used for kids, but cavity-prone patients of all ages can benefit from fluoride treatments.


Dental Sealants

Dentist Marietta

Dental sealants provide even more protection for cavity-prone teeth. They consist of a special type of transparent dental resin. When applied to your teeth, this resin hardens and forms a clear protective barrier. This prevents food particles, bacteria, and acid from contacting your teeth directly. In turn, this prevents cavities from forming. Sealants can last up to 5-10 years with proper application, and provide excellent protection, especially for the rear teeth.

Deep Cleaning (Scaling & Root Planing)

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning, also called “scaling and root planing,” is the first step in treating gum disease. It involves cleaning deeply between your gums and teeth to remove bacteria, eliminate periodontal “pockets,” and restore your oral health.

The Deep Cleaning Process

It takes two appointments to have your teeth cleaned, since Dr. Danny Nguyen will clean one half of your mouth at a time. He will numb your mouth, then use special tools to remove bacteria-filled plaque and tartar. He will also smooth down the roots of your teeth to eliminate bacteria.

Recovery and Hygiene

If Dr. Danny Nguyen prescribes antibiotics, make sure to take them as directed. He will also provide you with instructions on how to care for your mouth. With proper at-home oral hygiene, most cases of gum disease can be halted or even reversed after a deep cleaning.


Gum grafts may be needed if you have serious gum disease that has damaged your gums. In this procedure, Dr. Danny Nguyen will take healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth, then attach it to your gums. This helps reduce gum recession and bone loss, and restores your appearance, too.


Gum flap surgery may be needed for very severe gum disease. In this surgery, Dr. Danny Nguyen will fold back your gums from your teeth, allowing him to clean deeply below the teeth and repair damaged bone tissue. Then, the gums are sutured back into place to heal.

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